courtney paddock
jett petit

Hello, friends! We're Courtney Paddock and Jett Petit, the founders and creative brains behind Little Coterie. Pleased to meet you.

We have always been crazy for beautiful settings…creating a moment in time that people remember. We adore scouring flea markets for vintage pieces of whimsy and history, items of texture, scale, and things that make our hearts flutter. Truly, “things are not made the way they used to be”, so we cannot get down with cookie-cutter party supplies and trendy party packages when planning a soiree. To that end, we like a little something handmade in each of our parties.

The Mamas of two and three little beauties, we have the pleasure of rocking their birthday parties and diving into the details, big and small. In celebrating our children, we knew we were kindred spirits. Nothing makes us happier than bringing family and friends together for a few hours of fun and delight. Nothing like a “coterie” of our favorite peeps to bring a smile to our face and rev up a song in our hearts! To schedule your own fabulous shindig, just drop us a line! We can't wait to bring a whole 'lotta wonderful to your celebration.