Hello, friends! I'm Courtney Paddock and I'm the creative brain behind Little Coterie. Pleased to meet you.

I have always been crazy for a beautiful setting…creating a moment in time that people remember. I adore scouring flea markets for vintage pieces of whimsy and history, items of texture, scale, and things that make my heart flutter. Truly, “things are not made the way they used to be”, so I cannot get down with cookie-cutter party supplies and trendy party packages when planning a soiree. To that end, I like a little something handmade in each of my parties.

The mama of three little beauties, I have had the pleasure of rocking their birthday parties and diving into the details, big and small. Nothing makes me happier than bringing family and friends together for a few hours of fun and delight.


(from left to right):  Mary Helen Norman, Loretta Bickel, Angela Bray, Elizabeth Henderson


What can I say?  They are not only gorg, they work hard, too!  These lovely ladies are the muscle behind the event, the yin to my yang, the heart of my heart and the lime in my coconut.  Quite simply, Little Coterie would not be what it is with without the efforts of this team....and oh, the stories we could tell (they would raise the hair on your back and have your doubled over in stitches)! 

Mary Helen, my go-to emergency gal, came to us after attending a Little Coterie soiree that blew her hair back.  Her education and sorority affiliation at the University of Texas readied her for parties big and small!  Had our paths crossed earlier, I just know we would have been bffs at UT.  Loretta, our "Director of Logistics", cut her teeth in New York and San Fran before finally making her way into my life, just when I needed her most.  I am finally able to relax and do some "mommy"-type things because I just know things are being handled by a pro.  Angela and I lived in L.A. at the same time and she was my sister's roomie in college.  Pretty much family.  She handles all the dirty jobs we throw at her, with grace and laughter.  And Elizabeth, our Southern Belle, was a high school and college compadre of mine.  We have driven across the U.S together with four kids.  She has been skydiving.  Pretty much all the criteria I needed for handling Houston's finest events.  I am one lucky lady, I know.  How this group came together was a force of God and I will be forever grateful for these four women.  


So, from milestone birthdays to anniversary celebrations, weddings to corporate events, there's nothing like a “coterie” of your favorite peeps to bring a smile to our faces and rev up a song in our hearts! To schedule your own fabulous shindig, just drop us a line! We can't wait to bring a whole 'lotta wonderful to your celebration.