Editing can mean the difference between a great film or an entirely forgettable one. It’s also critical in the culinary world; too much salt, or sugar or anything for that matter can turn something potentially delicious in to something quite disastrous. Editing is a powerful and necessary tool...except when it comes to inspiration.


It is here that any hint of an edit, or a judgy inner voice, the tiniest whisper of doubt, or self criticism can mean game over for an idea that quite possibly could be the next “game changer”.


Inspiration can be elusive and ephemeral.  Remaining open, and being willing to consider anything it might send your way makes all the difference in the world. Even a so-called bad idea can lead you down the path to a very good one. It’s always good to have a notepad handy or (dare I say) smartphone close by to capture a fleeting thought that you can come back to later. Inspiration, while delightful, has been known to strike at inopportune times, so having a way to archive your flights of fancy is essential.


I like to think of Inspiration as smarter than I am. It helps curb the salty, sarcastic barbs that inevitably follow almost any idea, instantly trying to smash it into oblivion. It’s easier to show that harpy the hand if you trust something more intelligent than yourself is guiding the thought.


There are few opportunities left for grown ups to throw caution to the wind, discard rules, challenge everything you know to be true and open up to endless possibilities.  Sometimes a conversation will spark a concept that can gather speed and take on a life of it’s own; it’s really the best kind of magic there is!


At Fine & Dandy Co. this is our often our  method of choice. It’s our favorite space to be and it’s where we practically reverberate with joy....always a good arbiter of creativity.


Much like Cersei and Daenerys, Judgement and Inspiration are bitter enemies; they cannot bear to be in the room at the same time.  Politely show Judgement the door and prepare a tray of canapes and perhaps a sparkling beverage in anticipation of Inspiration’s arrival. Once the coast is clear, you can almost certainly expect a knock at the door.



Carla Morano is the Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer at Fine & Dandy Co.