With 13 years of experience in the flower industry, Maria Maxit, CEO and Lead Designer for Maxit Floral Design, has a passion for designing florals for her clients. She fully believes in the powerful effect that florals and thoughtful floral design can make in a space, no matter the size. Check out her top three ways that you can add flowers to your event to make an impact on your guests and space: 

Number 1: Place florals at the entrance! It is the first thing that guests see when they enter (sometimes even before they enter) your event! This immediately sets the tone of what your guests can expect. Something light and casual? A couple bud vases with bright blooms can do the trick! Something elegant and an important celebration? Go for the wow with an arrangement with height and volume and lots of lush blooms.

Number 2: Place florals on your dining table! If you are hosting a sit-down dinner that is! Florals can be a wonderful conversation piece and help to enhance ambiance for your event. The key to dining table florals is you don’t want to have something too tall that blocks guests from seeing and speaking to those across the table from them. Maxit also loves utilizing candles on the dining table to create a warm glow.  

Number 3: Place florals in your bathroom! Most guests will likely need to take a trip to wash their hands prior to indulging in food so place a small, elegant cluster of florals near the soap or towel display. Its a small detail that helps to elevate how you think of your event. 

The Maxit team loves being able to work with a medium that is ever growing and shifting. Just like a bud blossoming into a gorgeous flower, adding these touches to a space or event can turn any get-together into something memorable that your guests will love.   For more loveliness, visit her website at www.maxitflowerdesign.com